We are a public charity in Lebanon, Missouri established in 1984, to meet a wide variety of social, educational, cultural, and other charitable needs throughout the Lebanon area. We do so through the distribution of income from endowment funds established by our donors. The Foundation is fully tax-exempt under sections 501(C)3 and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Mission and History of Lebanon Area Foundation
Our mission is to build a stronger and more vital community by developing a permanent endowment in order to assess and respond to changing community needs today and in the future, and by serving donors at all levels of charitable giving.  As the Foundation’s endowment continues to grow, we will be able to make even more grants of significant size.

Through the Lebanon Area Foundation, individuals can establish permanent funds, take the long view and work on potentially controversial problems, all without being compelled to produce short-term results.

Lebanon Area Foundation Governance
The Lebanon Area Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who are community leaders from the Lebanon area and is administered by one full-time staff member and one part-time staff member. Operating expenses are paid from management fees and gifts designated by donors, which help keep our overhead down.

In brief, the Lebanon Area Foundation is…         

  • A tax-exempt organization formed to receive, invest and distribute the income from gifts of capital for community betterment.
  • A grant maker and advisor helping charitable groups provide much needed services in health, education, and social services to all the residents in the Lebanon area.
  • A conduit through which individuals, businesses and private foundations can support non-profit organizations throughout the Lebanon area; we are not a user of funds, we are a vehicle to help people who want to improve their community to fulfill that desire long beyond their lifetime.

…truly a community of donors.

Lebanon Area Foundation Bylaws