Endowment Grant Opportunities

Q: How do I apply for an endowment grant?

A: Simply download the Endowment Grant Application Form and the Endowment Grant Budget Form or stop by the office for a hard copy. Applications may be submitted electronically to [email protected]; mailed to P.O. Box 1042, Lebanon, MO 65536; or delivered to LAF at the upstairs administrative offices in the Cowan Civic Center located at 500 W. Elm Street, Lebanon, MO 65536.

Q: When can I apply for an endowment grant?

A: The Foundation does not have an endowment grant cycle. Applications are currently being accepted for the following funding opportunity:

  • LAF Legacy Grant – Brick & Mortar Projects
  • Laclede County Heritage Grant – Rural Youth Programs
  • Lebanon Habitat For Humanity – Shelter Projects/Programs

Q: Is there a dollar limit on the amounts awarded?

A: There is not a set dollar limit; however, each year will vary in the amount of funds available and the number of applications received. The Endowment Committee will review and consider each project upon impact, need and strength of application.

Q: Do you offer assistance in filling out the application?

A: We are happy to assist applicants in filling out the forms or answering any questions. You may send an email to LAF Administrator, Melinda Fries, at [email protected] or call 417-532-8868 to schedule an appointment.

The Foundation is more likely to fund projects that:

  • Are clearly and concisely described
  • Are based on complete and clear income and expense projections
  • Do not require recurring funding
  • Reasonably ensure continued support after Foundation funding is no longer available
  • Are proposed by organizations that demonstrate sound financial practices and strong staff and volunteer support

Generally, grants are not awarded for:

  • Administrative or general operating expenses
  • Marketing plans or projects to increase community awareness of an organization
  • Purchase of tickets or tables at special events, memberships, or advertising
  • Individuals
  • Annual campaigns
  • Endowment funds
  • Lobbying or political activities
  • Debt retirement
  • Evaluation

At the end of the grant period noted in the award letter, awardees are required to submit a grant expenditure report with the following information:

  • A letter stating the degree to which proposed outcomes were achieved, the number of people who benefited from the project, and future plans for the program or project
  • A financial statement detailing how funds were used